Life is Good

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Finding Hazel and the Witch

Paul and Derrick come back from their successful camping trip. Having achieved forcing himself to transform back from his lycan form, Paul’s resources are depleted. They have breakfast at IHOP (a place where someone can hypothetically take many meals while their spouse has a baby at the nearby hospital) and go home to crash.

Travis/Stuart tells the other room mates that he knows where Karen lives and shows them a picture of her in front of her yellow house. Derrick wonders if the yellow trees in his dream where an indicator that Hazel is being kept in Karen’s house. He goes to stake out Karen’s home with Travis/Stuart.

While watching the house Derrick sees Hazel through a window. He and Travis approach the house. Hazel answers the door in response to their knocking. She seems serene and oblivious as to her disappearance and the fact that the police are searching for her. They ask to speak to Karen. The interior of Karen’s home is also covered in yellow and purple/pinks tones). Hazel retreats into the home’s interior and Karen comes to the door. She attempts to intimidate/mesmerize Derrick into leaving and keeping Hazel’s location a secret from the police. It doesn’t work.

Hazel invites them in and tries to intimidate them even more. When it doesn’t work she begins to summon a small localized storm to surround her. Travis/Stuart calls Paul, but Paul is asleep/ignoring incoming calls due to being so depleted from last night’s activities. She informs them that she is a WatchTower of some-such or another quadrangle – relating to magic and witchcraft in a way that Derrick and Travis/Stuart are not familiar with. Without actually touching them, Karen began raining painful, lashing blows on Derrick and in the direction of Travis/Stuart.

Travis/Stuart returned fire with his short-barreled shotgun, which was significantly more successful at breaching Karen’s windblown cocoon of defense than Derrick’s dream disks. Wounded, Karen brought a large lighting strike down, exploding the section of the house the three combatants were standing in. Travis/Stuart avoided injury by temporarily rendering himself incorporeal. Derrick however took a large piece of wooden shrapnel in the stomach. One more shot from the shotgun left Karen sobbing and subdued after knocking here clear into the back yard.

Hazel came out of an undamaged section of the home and the effects of Karens spells were gone. She ran to Derrick and went with him to the hospital where his abdomen required surgery. The police came, Karen told them that Hazel had been in her home and that Travis/Stuart and Derrick had come to see her when Karen’s “meth lab blew up.” According to her, Travis/Stuart saved her life by dragging her from the wreckage into the back yard.

Hazel was at the hospital when Derrick woke up. She was unprepared to talk about the nature of what went down. For the time being, letting it be about a “meth lab” was all she was prepared to handle. She was affectionate and appreciative towards Derrick, but their relationship status was not officially changed by the events of her rescue at that time.


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