Derrick Posner

Derrick Posner is a empathetic adept (massage therapist) who awakens dreams.


Derrick is 24 years old and his family has roots in Montpellier. He has a thoughtful disposition and finds it easy to foster connections with others. When people behave badly he actively seeks out situational factors that may explain the nature of those actions, he is reticent to ever think of any individual as being innately “bad.”

After graduating high school he moved to the Burlington area and studied massage therapy at the O’Briens Aveda Institute. Halfway through his second month living away from home, he had his first “dream walking” experience. His dreams had always been vivid, but one evening during an exceptionally substantiative dream, he ran into his mother and they conversed while attending a symphony composed entirely of orangutans (marvelously) playing the instruments. While he had assumed it was an odd dream and nothing more, a few days later his mother called and claimed to have had an odd dream of her own in which he had been featured. She recounted the exact same dream, 100% matching in every detail. That is how Derrick became aware that they weren’t just HIS dreams, but shared experiences as he drifted through other people’s dreams as well.

He has no control of his dream walking, it simply happens from time to time, typically with people he has a longstanding relationship with. However, over the last few years Derrick has become significantly more capable of controlling his own dreams and sleep patterns. As long as he remains in his own dream space, the surroundings become a reality entirely open to his influence (lucid dreaming). His time spent meditating and studying the nature of interacting with the altered states of dream space has helped him bring some small semblances of that power into his waking life. His understanding of sleep extends to helping others find the ability to achieve restful sleep in the face of stress and insomnia.

This odd variance of self-discovery also provided Derrick with the open-mind and conscientious attitude that facilitated his becoming an excellent massage therapist, with an innate capacity to read people’s emotional states and needs. He responds to them as supportively as possible through touch and verbal reassurance.

Derrick Posner

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